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Volunteering for the AHS History Index

So you've heard about the Atheist, Humanist, and Skeptic History Index and you want to help? Oh, you wonderful people. Thank you!

Here are our current needs:

  • We need indexing volunteers. This involves reading magazines and newsletters and providing us notes in a spreadsheet form about the content. We will provide the form, the reading material, and training in coding the data we need. Timing is flexible, and you can commit to as little as a single issue. We are currently working out volunteer rewards, but all indexing volunteers receive our public thanks.
  • We need copies of missing materials. Even in the best archiving system, things go missing. It may be a single issue, or it may be years of an organization's publication history. When surveying a publication, we make note of what's missing. If you see something a library has or you have in your collection, let us know so we can coordinate getting a copy.
  • We need local group participation. The history of local groups is most in danger of disappearing, as these groups have traditionally been least focused on preserving their legacies. But local groups are important! They're also harder for us to find out about. If you don't see your group's publication(s) on this list, contact us to let us know about it. Please contact us even if that publication isn't digitized and even if most of its back issues are missing. We can make both of these easier for you.
  • We need national group participation. If you belong to one of these groups, you're already on our list of people to talk to about this project. Feel free to contact us first, though. We're happy to prioritize by interest.
  • We need people to digitize publications. There probably isn't much work in this for any one volunteer. However, this material is all over the country, so if this is something you have the equipment and knowledge to do well, we'd like to know about you so we can call on you in the future.
  • We need help raising funds. Any project that aims to be this thorough requires coordination, and this project requires too much coordination to be a volunteer position. So we need to raise funds. Donating helps, but so does spreading the word to potential donors. Also, please let us know if you know of any grants that would cover this work.
  • We need help finding more volunteers. Know someone who would enjoy contributing to the project? Tell them about it.